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Travel Safety & Security

Personal Safety & Security When Travelling

When we travel, jet lag and unfamiliar settings can cause us to unintentionally lower our guard. It’s important to stay aware as situations that are harmless at home can have tragic outcomes when travelling. Use common sense and caution. The following practical safety tips will also help.

  • Avoid rowdy gatherings and political demonstrations, which can quickly escalate into crushing stampedes or violent confrontations
  • Beware of overloaded boats, bridges, viewing platforms and stadium stands, especially in underdeveloped countries
  • Decline offers for unofficial guided bus or taxi tours to out of the way places as they could be a set-up for robbery
  • On tour buses, sit away from the doors to gain extra time if thieves should rush onboard
  • In some areas, robbers have also been known to smash windows when vehicles are stopped at red lights. Keep purses and totebags on the floor, not the window seat
  • Dress inconspicuously, especially where local customs mandate modest dress
  • Don’t stand on the street to examine maps or guide books – step into a store
  • If trapped in a hotel room due to political or security issues, close the curtains and stay away from the window. Speak quietly into the phone or send text messages from a cell phone

As flight crews know, taking extra precautions does not translate into paranoia. The old adage “better safe than sorry,” is especially valid when travelling.

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Happy travels!